【Notes】As a result of the change in months in each fiscal year, the environmental data and information contained in this report including graphs are as follows.

  • ・Before fiscal 2013: Actuals in 12 months from April to March of the following year
  • ・Fiscal 2014: Actuals for 9 months from April to December + Actuals for January to March 2014 (or estimated value) [Partially overlaps with fiscal 2013]
  • ・After fiscal 2015 : Actuals for 12 months from January to December

Environmental Performance Data

Kuraray plants Emission and transport volumes covered by PRTR Law of each plant

Environmental management system certifications (as of the end of December 2020)

(1) ISO14001
  • EVAL Europe NV
  • Kuraray Europe GmbH
  • Kuraray Europe GmbH PVB Division Troisdorf
  • Kuraray Europe Moravia s.r.o.
  • Kuraray America, Inc.
  • Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte.Ltd.
  • Kuraray Korea Ltd.
  • Calgon Carbon Suzhou
  • Chemviron S.A. Feluy
  • Chemviron Carbon
  • Chemviron Italia SRL
  • Chemviron France SAS

* This includes the following group companies which reside within business sites and plants:
Kuraray Kuraflex Co., Ltd. (Okayama Plant), Kuraray Okayama Spinning Co., Ltd., Kuraray Saijo Co., Ltd., Kuraray Tamashima Co., Ltd., Kuraray Saiji Co., Ltd., ,Kuraray Techno Co., Ltd., Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.

(2) RC14001
  • Kuraray America, Inc.
  • MonoSol, LLC