Dec 27,2012 News

Kuraray Group's New Corporate Commercial:
The Meaning of the Keyword "Chikyu Kai Kai" Uncovered!
The Mysterious Kuraray-Maru Reveals Its Identity to the Amazement of Riko Narumi-But Is She Convinced?
"Bus Outing" Airing in Japan from December 29, 2012 (Saturday)

Dec 25,2012 News

MonoSol, a Kuraray Company, Selected by Procter & Gamble as C+D Partner of the Year

Dec 17,2012 News

Kuraray to Expand Liquid Rubber Production Capacity:
Kuraray Reinforces Production capacity for Liquid Rubber That Enhances Tire Performance and Simultaneously Considers the Release of Bio-Based Liquid Rubber

Dec 13,2012 News

Price Revisions for Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Resin, EXCEVAL Resin and EVA Copolymer Emulsion

Nov 01,2012 News

Consolidated Earnings Report for the Second Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2013(Unaudited)

Oct 23,2012 News

The Kuraray Group Unveils Its 2013 Calendar "Discovering the Earth"
Featuring Scenic Nature Photography on the Theme "Earth" by Up-and-Coming Photographer Uruma Takezawa

Oct 16,2012 News

Kuraray to Release CLAPURE
A Functional Nonwoven Fabric Incorporating Pellets That Contain Oil and Features Long-Lasting Effectiveness

Aug 16,2012 News

Kuraray Group's New "Mirabakesso" TV Commercial Asks the Question:What Is the Meaning of the Keyword "Chikyu Kai Kai"? A Surprising Development Awaits Kuraray-Chan and Riko Narumi…
Corporate Commercial Spots:"Mirabakesso Chikyu Kai Kai" Airing in Japan from August 18, 2012 (Saturday)

Aug 01,2012 News

Kuraray Establishes a Local Subsidiary in Thailand
to accelerate market development in emerging countries

Jul 31,2012 News

Agreement for Capital Participation in Kureha Battery Materials Japan
(Kuraray Co., Ltd. , Kureha Corporation, ITOCHU Corporation, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan)