Dec 26,2011 News

Kuraray Group's New "Mirabakesso" TV Commercial Promoting the Concept of "○○-Type," Surprising Riko Narumi with Kuraray-Chan's Transformation into Many Things
Corporate Commercial Spots: "○○-Type Jumping Mirabakesso" Airing in Japan from December 29, 2011 (Saturday)

Dec 19,2011 News

Notice Concerning the Completion of a New Plant in Niigata for Dental Materials that Contribute to Advanced Dental Care (Adhesive-Type Mirabakesso)—Meeting Global Market Growth

Dec 14,2011 News

Notice Concerning the Involvement in Joint Development and Commercialization of Hard Carbon for Lithium-ion Secondary Batteries

Nov 11,2011 News

Kuraray Holds Completion Ceremony at the Niigata Plant for a New Facility to Handle the Full-Scale Production of KURARITY,
a Unique, Future-Transforming Acrylic Thermoplastic Elastomer

Oct 31,2011 News

Consolidated Earnings Report for the Second Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2012(Unaudited)

Oct 31,2011 News

Kuraray to Boost EVAL Production Capacity in the United States
Addressing the Expansion in Global Demand for Barrier-Type "Mirabakesso"* EVAL

Oct 28,2011 News

The Kuraray Group Unveils Its 2012 Calendar "WATER PLANET"
Based on Scenic Photographs on the Theme of "Water"
Captured by Young Photography Sensation Yusuke Okada

Oct 05,2011 News

Kuraray to Expand Production Facilities for Optical-Use Poval Film for Polarized Film
The Saijo Plant to Be the First Factory in the Industry to Produce 5,000mm Wide-Type, Optical-Use Poval Films, Contributing to the Efficient Manufacture of Large LCD TVs

Sep 21,2011 News

Providing Water Solubility, High Viscosity, High Hydrophobic Properties and High Chemical Resistance
Development of TUSVIS Novel Water-Soluble Polymers
Temperature-Responsive MY Series and Highly Viscous SN Series

Aug 25,2011 News

Kuraray Group's New "Mirabakesso" TV Commercial Promoting the Concept of "○○-Type" Taking Kuraray-Chan and Riko Narumi into Outer Space
Corporate Commercial Spots: "Barrier-Type Mirabakesso" Airing in Japan from August 27, 2011 (Saturday)