Sep 12,2023 Press Release Event

Our First Exhibit at Agri Expo Thailand 2023, a Thai Agricultural Technology Expo
The Kuraray Group introduces agriculture- and livestock-related products in Khon Kaen, the heart of Thai agriculture

Aug 09,2023 Press Release

Addressing the Expansion in Global Demand
Kuraray Decides to Boost EVAL™ Production Capacity in the United States and Europe

Jul 24,2023 Press Release Sustainability Event

The Kuraray Group to Exhibit Products at the Materials Show 2023 in the United States
Introducing Sustainable Materials Under Development such as Marine Biodegradable Fibers

Jul 12,2023 Press Release

Notice Regarding Transfer of Shares in Golf Operations Business Subsidiary

Jun 23,2023 Press Release

Hold Management Briefing

Jun 15,2023 Press Release

Price revisions for KURARAY POLYOL

May 31,2023 Press Release IR Sustainability

Kuraray Publishes the Kuraray Report 2023

Apr 18,2023 Press Release

Opening Ceremony Held for New Plant for Isoprene-Related Businesses in Thailand
 Brought online in stages from February 2023, strengthening the global supply system for isoprene-related products

Mar 15,2023 Press Release

GL Module―a Hollow-Fiber Membrane Module with a Robust Ability to Treat Highly Turbid Water and Superior Water Permeability—
Wins the 55th Ichimura Prize in Industry for Excellent Achievement

Feb 28,2023 Press Release Event

The Kuraray Group to Exhibit Its Products at the NW Materials Show 2023 in the United States
Introducing Highly Functional Materials for Apparel and Sports Goods Applications