Sustainability Long-term Vision and Sustainability Medium-term Plan

Sustainability Long-Term Vision

As a Sustainability leader, Kuraray will develop innovative solutions with unique products and cleaner technologies to improve the natural environment and enhance quality of life for people everywhere.

Sustainability is positioned as a key management strategy in the Medium-Term Management Plan “PASSION 2026” started since fiscal 2022. In the lead up to drafting “PASSION 2026” the Kuraray Group formulated a Sustainability Long-Term Vision to underscore our determination to pursue sustainability across the Kuraray Group.

In the process of formulating “PASSION 2026” Sustainability Workshops had been held with cross-organized and globally constituted members since 2020. The workshops predicted long-term trends looking at the public policies, regulations, markets, and needs of each country and region. From there, we narrowed down the direction the Kuraray Group should take, the roles we should play, and the issues we should tackle. The Sustainability Long-Term Vision is a fruit born out of these workshops.