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High fiber strength and excellent weatherability and chemical resistance

Fibers and Textiles/Man-Made Leather/Nonwoven Fabrics/Hook-and-Loop Fasteners Vinyl Acetate Derivatives


General name
PVA fiber
Sales format
Short-cut fiber, filament, spun yarn, nonwoven fabric, fabric

KURALON™ is a synthetic fiber made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH), which is used in many industrial applications owing to its unique and excellent performance. Kuraray is the world’s leading producer of polyvinyl alcohol fiber, as well as resin. KURALON™ is available as staple fiber, spun yarn, short-cut fiber and filament.


Industrial applications

Ropes, sewing thread


Fishing nets, ropes, seaweed cultivation nets


CREMONA™ (cheesecloth): Vegetable seedling and tunnel cultivation, measures against typhoons
KURA PUPPY™: Crop growth sheets

Cement and concrete reinforcement

Fiber-reinforced cement building materials

Civil engineering and construction:

KURATEC™ and POWERON™ for tunnels: Primary spray, secondary lining
Paving: New paving, overlay paving and airport paving
Floor: Plant floors, warehouse floors, gas stations, parking lots
Wall: Spray mortar, joint filler, etc.
Precast products: Exterior wall materials, etc.
High-toughness engineered cementitious composite (ECC)

Rubber reinforcement (automotive brake hoses, tires and belts)

Plastic reinforcement

Motorcycle helmets, fiber-reinforced composite materials

Functional paper, functional paper fiber

Alkaline manganese battery separator, masking tape, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) surface material substrate, flooring backing material, shoji paper and packaging material, inorganic paper (printed circuit substrate, insulation material, etc.), various filters, tea bags, draining bags, wet paper towels, stencil paper, secondary battery separator, cosmetic face masks

Fireproof protective clothing


High strength

Low elongation

High elastic modulus

Good adhesive for rubber and cement

Good alkaline resistance

Excellent weatherability

Environmentally friendly

Only H2O and CO2 are generated during combustion of PVA. No harmful substances are produced.

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