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High-strength fiber with low moisture absorption and superior dimensional stability

Fibers and Textiles/Man-Made Leather/Nonwoven Fabrics/Hook-and-Loop Fasteners Other


General name
High-strength polyarylate fiber
Sales format
Short-cut fiber, filament, spun yarn, nonwoven fabric, woven fabrics

VECTRAN™ is Kuraray’s high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer. The fiber is five times stronger than steel and offers a unique combination of outstanding properties. It is the fiber of choice where others fail to meet performance requirements. VECTRAN™ is used in a wide range of applications.


Protecting fixed shore nets from sea lions, tension members of various types, sling belts, window screen cords, envelopes for airships, safety materials, nets for separating spectators at sports events, rubber belt reinforcement, sports equipment, canoeing, paragliding, geogrid, rope, course rope, etc.


High-strength, high-elasticity

Strong enough to be called a “super fiber” and difficult to rip.

Low moisture absorption

Minimal moisture absorption, as well as no loss of tenacity or change in dimensions when wet.

Dimensional stability

Ideal as a wire replacement because its dimensions undergo almost no change. In addition, thermal contraction is very low when heated.

Abrasion resistance

Improved resistance to fiber-to-fiber abrasion and wear from bending than PPTA.

Cut/shearing resistance

Ideal for use as a protective material because it is highly resistant to cuts and shearing.

Heat resistance

Features a better relative thermal index than PPTA under dry atmospheric heat. This difference is even more pronounced under wet atmospheric heat conditions.

Resistant to chemicals

High resistance to many chemicals, especially acids.

Vibration damping

Quickly absorbs vibrations.

Shock absorption

Absorbs the energy of shocks, and its composites show high resistance to compressive and bending stress.

Electrical insulation

Excellent electrical insulation properties because it is non-absorbent.

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