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Eco-friendly hard carbon anode material

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General name
Hard carbon (nongraphitizable carbon)
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KURANODE™ is a hard carbon anode material used for lithium-ion batteries. As a natural plant-based material, it helps to reduce environmental impact.


Especially suitable for applications requiring power, such as hybrid vehicles. Suitable as anode material not only for lithium-ion batteries, but also for lithium-ion capacitors and sodium-ion batteries.


Input/output and low-temperature performance

Wider interlayer spacing (d002) than graphite brings excellent lithium-ion diffusibility.

Cycle performance

Volume change associated with charge and discharge process is smaller than graphite. It contributes to a longer battery life.

High moisture resistance

Usable with water based binders such as SBR/CMC

Cost competitiveness

Cost competitiveness compared with traditional hard carbon

Standard grades and properties

Grade Type 1 Type 2 (9μm) Type 2 (5μm)
Average particle size D50  μm 9 9 5
Specific surface area SSA  m2/g 4 4 6
Average interlayer spacing d002  nm 0.38 0.38 0.38

Note 1: Type 1 is high capacity type and Type 2 is high moisture-resistant type.
Note 2: These values (measured by Kuraray) are only for reference and are not guaranteed.

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