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Restorative materials that closely match the appearance of natural teeth

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Dental materials

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Composite resins, bonding agents, resin cement, zirconia, porcelain, etc.

Kuraray entered the field of dental materials in 1973 and released CLEARFIL BOND SYSTEM F™ in 1978, a dental bonding and filling material that used an adhesive monomer developed in that process. Since then, Kuraray has sold many dental bonding agents and cements that feature high adhesive strength. In 2012, Kuraray and Noritake Dental Supply, Inc., a supplier of dental ceramics merged. This business has also expanded to materials and equipment used in products such as crowns and inlays.


Treatments at dental clinics using fillings and dental prosthetics



High adhesive strength for use in moist oral conditions allows dentists to minimize tooth etching.

Esthetic properties and color tone reproducibility

With their natural color tone, fillings and prosthetics match the surrounding teeth so that repairs are not conspicuous.

Strength and durability

The products’ strength and durability ensure that there is no discoloration or breakage during use.

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