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Provides optimal micro-patterns for visible light control

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Micro-patterned film

General name
Micro-patterned film
Sales format
Roll or custom-fit film

This is a film that enables micro-patterns to be processed on plastic surfaces with micron-order precision. By developing micro-patterns configured for specific applications and then using a roller-type stamper, we are able to continuously manufacture micro-patterned film. This method is characterized by exceptionally high productivity.


LED illumination
Anisotropic diffuser film
Intermediate screens for head-up display (HUD), soft focus filters for head-mounted display (HMD), etc.


Microfabrication technology

Complex micro-structures can be created with micron-order precision using photolithography and electroplating technologies

Mass production

UV imprint process makes it highly suitable for mass production

Display applications

Micro-patterned films have come to be used in display applications for easy control of visible light using our micro-patterns, which are the precise shape and size.

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