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High-performance nonwoven fabric with excellent absorbency and breathability

High-performance nonwoven fabric with excellent absorbency and breathability

Fibers and Textiles/Man-Made Leather/Nonwoven Fabrics/Hook-and-Loop Fasteners Other

(nonwoven fabric)

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Original fabric (roll) and finished product

Kuraray Kuraflex, a subsidiary of Kuraray, provides nonwoven fabrics and related products with special features. These products utilize various processes and raw materials supported by the Kuraray Group.


Personal care products

Cosmetic facial masks, counter cloths, disposable masks

Medical products

Elastic bandage, first-aid adhesive tape, surgical tape


Sound-absorbing material, seepage prevention material


Air filters, coffee filters, liquid filters

Electronic devices

Electromagnetic shielding material, reinforcement material for printed circuit boards, heat-resistant insulation material, heat-resistant wiper and cleaner


Kuraray Kuraflex supplies high-performance nonwoven fabrics for various applications. We also provide sophisticated nonwoven fabrics made using our own hybrid technology.

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