Dec 09,2014 News

Kuraray to Develop New Markets with PARAPURE Novel Acrylic Film

Sep 22,2014 News

Demand is growing in Europe and the United States for technologies that extend shelf life
Promoting PLANTIC Film, a Biomass-Derived Barrier Film, in the Japanese Market

Jun 27,2014 News

Responding to rising demand, primarily in North America and Europe
Kuraray to Expand Production Facilities for PVA(Polyvinyl Alcohol) Film for Industrial Applications

Jun 04,2014 News

A world first! Combining high strength, superior toughness and hydrothermal resistance
New Flexible Zirconia Developed
Expanding into dental materials and other fields

Apr 28,2014 News

New grade of KURARISTER transparent high barrier film for retort- food packaging
Sales Begin for KURARISTER CF with High Moisture Protection
Offering an aluminum-free food packaging alternative and actively developing products for use in the medical field

Apr 23,2014 News

Expanding collaboration with U.S.based Amyris
Ramping Up Development of New Bio-Based Liquid Rubber
Using biomaterial to increase tire-based fuel efficiency

Apr 10,2014 News

Featuring a micropatterned surface
LEGENDA, a micropatterned film developed for use in LED lamps
Controlling light emissions to produce a myriad of colors and effects

Apr 08,2014 News

New Factory Completed for BIOCARBOTRON, Plant-Based Hard Carbon Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
For the advancement of eco-friendly vehicles in global demand

Mar 14,2014 News

Price Revisions for Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Resin,
EXCEVAL Resin and EVA Copolymer Emulsion

Mar 12,2014 News

Price Revision for EARNESTON