The Kuraray Group’s Initiatives to Counter the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus

Representative Director and President

Representative Director and President
Hitoshi Kawahara

Currently, the spread of the novel coronavirus is affecting regions around the globe. We hereby express our wholehearted sympathy to all those infected with the coronavirus and those who face significant hardship and inconvenience due to the restrictions on daily life. We also wish to thank frontline medical practitioners, government officials and municipal staff and express our deep respect and sincere gratitude for their dedication in a grueling battle against the unprecedented pandemics.

This infectious disease is still spreading in many countries and regions around the world, and there are no signs of convergence, and we need to remain diligent with an eye to preventing the outbreak’s prolongation.

Moving forward, the Kuraray Group intends to continue to fulfill its role as a materials manufacturer in part by providing products and services that are useful to the world and by maintaining business activities that prioritize the health and safety of all stakeholders, including employees, their families, and our business partners.

Information and Actions related to the Novel Coronavirus