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Kuraray Co., Ltd. uses RSS to distribute the latest information on the company, its businesses and its products.
You can automatically receive the latest news without visiting our site by registering the following links in an RSS reader or a browser that supports RSS.

RSS List

News/Latest Topics [ http://www.kuraray.com/rss/news-all.xml ]
This provides the latest news, topics and site updates from Kuraray.
General Company Information [ http://www.kuraray.com/rss/news-company.xml ]
This provides general news on the company.
Businesses and Products [ http://www.kuraray.com/rss/news-products.xml ]
This provides news on businesses and products.
CSR [ http://www.kuraray.com/rss/news-csr.xml ]
This provides news on CSR.
R&D [ http://www.kuraray.com/rss/news-rd.xml ]
This provides news on research and development.
IR-related news [ http://www.kuraray.com/rss/news-ir.xml ]
This provides IR related news to investors.