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Company 2005

Dec26 Techno Soft Commences Consulting Business Engaged in ISO22000 Certification Acquisition Support (Techno Soft Co., Ltd.)
Nov2 Parent Company and Consolidated Business Results for Six Months Ended September 30,2005 [PDF]
Oct12 Notice : Concerning the Resumption of Operations at Kuraray's Okayama Plant
Sep30 Organization Restructure (Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd.)
Sep30 Organization Restructure (Kuraray Medical Inc.)
Sep15 Notice : Regarding an Accident at the Okayama Plant
Sep12 Operations Begin at New Activated Carbon Plant in China
Sep9 Notice : Concerning Explosion at Kuraray's Okayama Plant
Aug30 Plant Name Changes Due to Municipal Consolidation
Aug5 Reorganization of the Kurashiki Plant
Aug3 Notice of the Dissolution of a Subsidiary [PDF]
Aug3 Consolidated Earnings Report for the First Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2006 [PDF]
Jul21 Emplacement of Retaining Wall as Tidal-Surge Countermeasure
Jul21 Fuel Change for Okayama Plant Power Plant Boilers
May11 Parent Company and Consolidated Business Results for the year Ended March 31, 2005(unaudited) [PDF]
Apr7 Kuraray Acquires VECTRAN High-performance Fibers Business of Celanese Advanced Materials Inc.
Mar24 Executive Personnel Actions (Scheduled for June 2005)
Mar24 Organizational Restructuring (as of April 1, 2005)
Feb9 Consolidated Business Results for Three Quarters Ended December 31,2004 [PDF]