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Kuraray to Exhibit at Chinaplas – Asia’s Largest Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair
Showcasing EVAL, elastomers, and other high-performance products

April 17, 2018
Kuraray (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Kuraray Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
(The Kuraray Group)

Kuraray (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; President: Yasuhiro Hashimoto) and Kuraray Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; President: Takeshi Yamada) will exhibit jointly at Chinaplas 2018, Asia’s largest plastics and rubber industry trade fair to be held in Shanghai, China, from April 24 to 27, 2018. Showcased will be various high-performance Kuraray products.

1.Exhibits content

EVAL - ethylene vinyl-alcohol copolymer (EVOH) resin

EVAL provides outstanding gas barrier properties and is employed for a variety of applications including food packaging materials and automotive fuel tanks.

SEPTON and HYBRAR - hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomers

SEPTON and HYBRAR are a series of styrenic-based thermoplastic rubbers. HYBRAR especially exhibits high vibration damping and shock absorption properties. They are used as a base polymer for various soft materials (vulcanized rubber substitute / flexible polyvinyl chloride substitute) and as a plastic modifier.

KURARITY - a new series of acrylic block copolymers

KURARITY is a novel acrylic block copolymer that Kuraray succeeded in industrializing ahead of the world. It is also referred to as MAM (Methyl-methacrylate-Acrylate- Methyl-methacrylate). Properties include high flowability and good solubility with a wide range of solvents. It is also acid free and has high weatherability. KURARITY is used as a modifier for polar resins, various curable adhesives, ink and paint.

GENESTAR - proprietary heat-resistant polyamide resin

GENESTAR is Kuraray’s self-developed polyamide 9T and 9C used for electronics parts, such as SMT connectors and LED reflectors, as well as automotive parts. GENESTAR outperforms standard polyamides with better retention of properties and dimensional stability especially in humid environments at elevated temperature.

PARAPET - methacryl resin molding material

With characteristics such as excellent transparency, weather resistance, surface gloss, and abrasion resistance, PARAPET is widely used in parts for automobiles and home electrical appliances, optical components, and many other applications. Excellent workability enables such uses as in film membrane production, profile extrusion and injection molding.

2.Overview of the Trade Show and Exhibit

Artist’s rendition of the Kuraray Chinaplas booth Artist’s rendition of the Kuraray Chinaplas booth

Name Chinaplas 2018
(Kuraray’s 17th time exhibiting)
Dates April 24 to 27, 2018
Location Intercontinental Shanghai NECC
Booth number AC 5040, East Hall 6

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