News Releases 2013

Price Revision for EARNESTON

March 25, 2013
Kuraray Plastics Co., Ltd.
(The Kuraray Group)

Kuraray Plastics Co., Ltd. announces the decision to increase the price of its thermoplastic elastomer, EARNESTON, by at least ¥30 per kilogram, for domestic and overseas shipments commencing April 1, 2013.

EARNESTON, a thermoplastic elastomer made primarily of Kuraray's hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomer SEPTON, is an eco-friendly molding material that substitutes for polyvinyl chloride and vulcanized rubber. It continues to attract strong demand for use in the manufacture of such products as auto parts, parts for home appliances and electronic components, as well as for industrial products.

Making ongoing efforts to reduce costs, Kuraray Plastics has placed the highest possible priority on maintaining a steady supply of EARNESTON. However, increases in the cost of key and secondary materials brought about by the recent surge in crude oil and naphtha prices, as well as an across-the-board rise in such other costs as utility expenses, have outweighed the Company's own cost-reduction endeavors.

Under these circumstances, Kuraray Plastics has decided to implement the following price revisions to ensure a stable supply of EARNESTON.

1. Scope of revision All domestic and overseas shipments of EARNESTON
2. Price increase At least ¥30 per kilogram
3. Effective date Shipments from April 1, 2013