News Releases 2013

Price Revisions for Elastomer-Related Products

March 5, 2013
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Kuraray announces its decision to upwardly revise the prices of its elastomer-related products for shipments commencing March 15, 2013. Details of the revisions are given below.

Both the cost of energy and the cost of the principal raw materials of elastomer-related products continue to hover at high levels due to the escalation of market prices and the sharp shift in the foreign currency exchange rate. The resulting increases in expenses are far in excess of the scope of the Company's independent cost-reduction efforts, causing, in turn, rapid deterioration in earnings from elastomer-related products.

Under these circumstances, Kuraray has decided to implement the price revisions set out below to maintain a steady supply and to improve profitability.

1. Scope of revision Elastomer-related products
  • SEPTON and HYBRAR hydrogenated styrene thermoplastic elastomers
  • KURARITY acrylic thermoplastic elastomer
  • "TU polymer"
  • Liquid rubber
  • Trans-polyisoprene rubber
  • ISOBAM isobutylene water-soluble resin
2. Effective date Shipments from March 15, 2013
3. Price increases Shipments in Japan and exports
¥40 or more per kilogram SEPTON, HYBRAR, "TU polymer", liquid rubber, trans-polyisoprene rubber and ISOBAM
15% or more of the current price KURARITY