News Releases 2011

Notice Concerning the Transfer of Mica Reinforced Resin Business

February 15, 2011
Lion Idemitsu Composites Co., Ltd.
Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd.
(Kuraray Group)

Lion Idemitsu Composites Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; "Idemitsu Lion Composites") and Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka; "Kuraray Trading") today announced that the two companies agreed on the transfer of Kuraray Trading's mica reinforced resin (product name: MRP®) business to Idemitsu Lion Composites.
The business transfer is planned on April 1, 2011.

1. Background of the Business Transfer

Kuraray Trading has judged that the further expansion of its mica reinforced resin business, which it has been developing since 2003, would be difficult to achieve within the parameters of the Kuraray Group.
In light of this, Kuraray Trading agreed that it would sell this business to Idemitsu Lion Composites, which is in a position to reap synergistic benefits from such an acquisition in the areas of development, production and sales because of the complementary nature of its product lineup.

2. Overview of the Business Transfer

As of April 1, 2011, Kuraray Trading will sell its mica reinforced resin business to Idemitsu Lion Composites. The scope of business transfer includes assets related to the business, patents for production techniques and know-how.


1. Mica reinforced resin (product name: MRP®)

(1) Product features Reinforced synthesized resin created by incorporating mica to enhance strength, rigidity and dimensional stability
(2) Major applications Home appliances, office automation equipment and automobile chassis

2. Overview of the two companies

Idemitsu Lion Composites Co., Ltd. http://www.ilcc.co.jp

(1) Established May 26, 1979
(2) Capital ¥100 million
(3) Shareholders Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. 50%; Lion Corporation 50%
(4) Representative Director and President Yasuo Tateishi
(5) Principal businesses Development, production and sale of special composite synthetic resin

Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. http://www.kuraray-trading.co.jp/

(1) Established October 1, 1961
(2) Capital ¥2,200 million
(3) Shareholder Kuraray Co., Ltd., 100%
(4) Representative Director and President Hiroaki Yoshino
(5) Principal businesses Production, processing, sales and purchase, and import and export of chemicals, chemical products, fiber materials and products