News Releases 2007

Kuraray to Commence Full-Fledged Operations of Production Facilities for Optical-Use Poval Film for Polarized Film
- Responding to the Sharp Rise in Demand for Liquid Crystal Displays -

August 27, 2007
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Kuraray announced today that it has completed trial operations of production facilities for optical-use poval film for polarized film, which is an essential component of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), at Kuraray Tamashima Co., Ltd. (Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture). Full-fledged operations of the additional third and fourth production lines have, accordingly, commenced, adding a total of 30 million m² (15 million m² per line) to Kuraray Tamashima's annual production capacity.

This increase will bring up Kuraray Tamashima's total annual production capacity to 60 million m², while increasing the total production capacity of Kuraray Tamashima and Kuraray Saijo Co., Ltd. (Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture) to 91 million m².

Production Capacity (Information as of August 2007)
  Current Capacity
(Million m²/yr)
Capacity Increase
(Million m²/yr)
Kuraray Saijo 31 15 Mid 2008
Kuraray Tamashima 60 30 End 2007
Total 91 45  

Poval (also referred to as polyvinyl alcohol or PVA) film's superior transparency, dye affinity, antistatic properties and stretchability make it the optimal base for the production of polarized film, which is a principal component of LCDs.

Capable of manufacturing wide poval film for large-screen LCDs, the new production facilities can accommodate the increasingly sophisticated quality requirements of Kuraray's customers. For example, the facilities can manufacture VF-PE, a new optical-use poval film with substantially improved optical properties.

Kuraray will continue to actively pursue new technological developments and quality enhancements as the leading manufacturer of optical-use poval film for polarized film, thereby contributing to LCD market expansion.

Outline of Expanded Production Facilities in Operation

Location Kuraray Tamashima Co., Ltd.
7471 Tamashima Otoshima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
President Katsuhiko Nishiguchi
Capital ¥10 million; a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuraray
Production capacity 30 million m²/year
Capital investment Approx. ¥6 billion (for both the third and fourth lines)