News Releases 2006

Kuraray releases user-friendly Light Truck Cargo Bed Cover
that reduces cleanup and washup burden after transport of goods that make truck beds dirty

October 18, 2006
Kuraray Plastics Co., Ltd.
(Kuraray Group)

Kuraray Plastics will commence sale of the user-friendly Light Truck Cargo Bed Cover (suggested retail price: ¥15,000, tax included) from November 1, 2006, through home improvement retailers and other sales channels nationwide. The Light Truck Cargo Bed Cover is suitable for use on light trucks that are often used to transport agricultural and marine products, fertilizers and other goods that easily make rear cargo beds dirty, and is easy to install and remove. This user-friendliness facilitates operations after transport of these products and goods.

Kuraray Plastics has developed the Light Truck Cargo Bed Cover in response to strong requests from people who work in the agricultural and marine product industries. The Company has adopted layered sheets that sandwich polyester fabric between polyvinyl chloride (commonly known as tarpaulin, which is often used in tents and other products). The sheets demonstrate superior water-resistance, preventing any leakage from loaded goods. The Light Truck Cargo Bed Cover has been designed not to sag when opening and closing the rear and side gates of a cargo bed. Particularly notable is the corner folds, which allow the user to fold in extra sagging at rear corner areas of the cover. Kuraray Plastics submitted a patent application for this specific feature.

The Light Truck Cargo Bed Cover is offered in three colors: yellow, orange and light green.

Kuraray Plastics will promote the use of the Light Truck Cargo Bed Cover for small trucks used in transport operations in the agricultural, dairy farming and marine product industries, as well as for delivery operations in milk distribution and other fields.

The Light Truck Cargo Bed Cover

Price ¥15,000 (Suggested retail price, tax included)
Dimensions An installed cover is 1,300mm wide ×1,850mm long × 280mm folded over cargo bed gates
Weight Approximately 3.0kg
Sales Launch November 1, 2006
Characteristics Easy to install and remove
Easy to open rear and side gates on a cargo bed when installed
Highly water-resistant to prevent any leakage of liquid contained in loaded goods
Sales Target ¥100 million for the first fiscal year