News Releases 2006

Kuraray Chemical Co., Ltd. Becomes 10th Plant among
the Kuraray Group's Sites and Plants to Obtain ISO 14001 Certification

July 27, 2006
Kuraray Chemical Co., Ltd.
(The Kuraray Group)

Specialized activated carbon maker Kuraray Chemical Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Osaka; President Shobu Minatono) obtained ISO 14001(*1) certification, the international standard for Environmental Management Systems for its Tsurumi Plant at Bizen City in Okayama Prefecture in July 2006. Tsurumi is the 10th plant within the Kuraray Group to obtain this certification. The certification covers Kuraray Chemical's research and development and manufacture of activated carbon, activated carbon finished goods, absorbent resin and gas separation equipment. It recognizes that the company conforms to international environmental standards, and that it has the ability to promote environmental countermeasures.

Kuraray Chemical introduced the following environmental policy for the Tsurumi Plant in December 2005, and its implementation and results have been evaluated and recognized in the awarding of the current certification.

Environmental Policy

Under the concept of "Ecology and Amenity," we aim to strengthen awareness of the contribution by businesses that use activated carbon-based technology for environmental conservation; implement environmental management systems by which environmental protection activities are brought into the work sphere of all employees; and commit to the continuous improvement of these practices.

Detailed Description

  • 1. Establish and continuously improve an environmental management system, and implement the following pollution prevention measures
    • (1) Waste reduction and recycling of waste materials
    • (2) Strengthen measures to reduce air- and water-polluting emissions
    • (3) Promote energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • 2. Abide by environmental-related laws and regulations as well as other important measures that have been implemented; establish independent management criteria; promote environmental pollution prevention and protection measures
  • 3. Establish environmental objectives and targets; involve all employees in environmental initiatives and review regularly and when the need arises; promote the continuous improvement of environmental management systems
  • 4. Disclose environmental information and strengthen dialog with local communities

In accordance with the requirements of the certification, Kuraray Chemical established four working groups to work out concrete details and implementation in regard to waste materials, waste water, gas emissions and energy conservation. Each working group was comprised of about 10 people, selected from those responsible at the Tsurumi Plant for manufacturing, research and technology.

Among the Group's overseas manufacturing operations, the joint venture in the Philippines (Cenepro Chemical Corporation) and the subsidiary in China, Kuraray Chemicals (Ningxia) Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. have also set the objective of obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

Overview of Kuraray Chemical Co., Ltd.

1. Headquarters Shin Hankyu Building, Umeda 1-12-39, Kita-ku, Osaka
2. President Shobu Minatono
3. Established December 1940
4. Capital ¥600 million
5. Net sales ¥12,100 million (as of period ended March 2006)
6. Employees 213 (as of March 31, 2006)
7. Shareholder Kuraray Co., Ltd. (100%)
8. Business activities manufacturing and sales of granulated activated carbon, fibrous activated carbon, molded activated carbon, activated carbon-saturated sheets, spherical water absorbency resin, and design, manufacture, and sales of nitrogen gas separators and activated carbon regeneration furnaces
*1 About ISO 14001
ISO 14001 is one of the Environment Management Systems defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO 14001 is the specification that stipulates how to establish EMS and is the core of the ISO 14000 family. Its objective is continuous improvement of EMS and reduction of burdens on the environment.