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Kuraray Publishes Commemorative 80th Anniversary Book
Glimpsing the Showa Era's Cultural and Industrial History Through Pictures and Episodes

July 19, 2006
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Kuraray Co., Ltd. published of "Innovation: A Commemorative History of Kuraray " as a part of its 80th anniversary project. Encompassing far more than the Company's footsteps, this publication contains an abundance of pictures, many of them rare, and episodes representative of each era, providing enjoyment with insight into Japan's broader cultural and industrial history. Kuraray plans to issue 20,000 copies, and distribute them in-house and amongst business partners. The commemorative book will also be published in English and Chinese, and the Japanese version will be available in both CD and print formats.

Contents include Kuraray's four main stages of development, as well as background on Kuraray's first President Magosaburo Ohara and the era preceding its establishment. The first chapter "Inauguration of Business : (Era of Foundation) 1926 to July 1945" explains Kuraray's groundwork in the rayon business. The second chapter "Age of Evolution and Expansion : from August 1945 to 1972" reveals Japan's first synthetic fiber KURALON and the birth of CLARINO, which is now representative of man-made leather. The third chapter "Age of Diversification and Globalization: from 1973 to 1990" describes business expansion with Poval and EVAL, which today continue their world-leading roles. The forth and final chapter "Age of Dramatic Achievement as a Global Company: from 1991 to June 2006" introduces a wide range of Kuraray's business activities from the establishment of overseas subsidiaries in Europe and the United States to domestic CSR activities. A number of products created by Kuraray appear in each chapter. Many of these, particularly KURALON school uniforms and CLARINO schoolbags, will bring back memories not only to employees, but to generations who grew up with them.

Vignettes between chapters provide additional insight and include "Visual Topics," "The Story of the Birth of New Products," and "Corporate Athletics at Kuraray". There are also readings about the Ohara Museum of Art, which led the development of Western-style art in Japan, and unknown episodes about the artist Shiko Munakata, who had a close relationship with both Magosaburo Ohara and Kuraray's second President Soichiro Ohara. Munakata's works "Vinylon Woodblock " and "Kurashiki Rayon Renrakugeppo (former monthly magazines for management personnel)" will be of interest to art fans. Furthermore, celebrities including the late authors Ryotaro Shiba and Shusaku Endo, as well as the comic writer Yoshiro Kato, contributed to Kuraray's series of magazine advertisements on "CLARINO – Loved by creators of culture." These episodes reveal the amazing foresight of the founder and his son who engaged in cultural programs and social contribution activities long before the terms "corporate philanthropy" and "CSR" became common.

Kuraray's Commemorative (80th Anniversary) Book

Name Innovation: A Commemorative History of Kuraray
Editing Kuraray Co., Ltd. Corporate Communications Group
Format A4 size, 100 pages
Circulation 20,000 copies
Distribution Employees, Former Employee Associations, main business partners and other related parties