News Releases 2006

80th Anniversary Occasions Corporate Trademark Renewal
The Kuraray Group Logo is Unified

June 23, 2006
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

On June 24, 2006, Kuraray Co., Ltd. will celebrate its 80th year in business, and will take this opportunity to renew its corporate trademark, establishing a new logo to represent the Kuraray Group as a unified entity. The Group aims for the generation of renewed brand value through coherent visual communication amidst the promotion of integrated Group operations and increased corporate activities globally.

The new Kuraray Group trademark is written using a Romanized version of kuraray, signifying the Group's commitment to a unified effort in global development. Lower-case lettering is used to represent the Group's capability for growth. The trademark color will be changed to a light shade of blue, depicting the Group's nimbleness and mobility.

The last three letters of the logo, "ray", are italicized for emphasis, and correspond to Kuraray's founding business of chemical fibers and textiles (such as rayon) as well as new business growth in the field of optical materials (which makes use of rays of light), depicting a history and future directed at business expansion.

The Kuraray corporate trademark that has been used until now was first established in 1963. Within that time frame, Kuraray used accumulated technologies in its synthetic fiber business that included rayon and KURALON as a base for business expansion into the fields of resin and chemicals, and highly functional fiber and textiles. At the same time, it expanded globally, establishing large-scale bases in Asia, Europe, the United States and Japan.

Under its 10-Year Corporate Vision, established in the current fiscal year-also the year that marks Kuraray's 80th anniversary, the Group will strive toward exciting innovation and outstanding earnings recognized throughout the world, to make Kuraray a sustainably growing diversified specialty chemical company. The new Kuraray Group corporate trademark was created with these ideas in mind, serving as both a new symbol and as its first step toward a new era of growth.

Outline of the New Kuraray Group Trademark

Date Effective June 24, 2006 (80th Anniversary)
Design Soeda Design Factory (President: Takayuki Soeda)
Characteristic Features
  • 1. Romanized lettering to represent global development
  • 2. Lower-case lettering to represent Group unity and growth potential
  • 3. Light blue, a nimble color, to represent the Group's nimbleness and mobility
  • 4. Emphasis on ray, using italics to represent the Group's founding business in rayon and new growth business in optical materials that make use of rays of light