News Releases 2005

Concerning the Development and Marketing of PARCASSIO for Use in Apparel
A luxury man-made leather with the feel of natural leather

October 26, 2005
Kuraray Co., Ltd.


Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has developed the luxury man-made leather PARCASSIO for apparel applications, a product reflecting Kuraray's pursuit of the feel of natural leather. The Company aims to launch sales for men's and women's apparel applications from the autumn/winter 2006 season. PARCASSIO is a material that blends the characteristic superior functionality of man-made leather and the natural appearance and touch of natural leather.

Kuraray is expanding global sales of its AMARETTA series of man-made leather goods for apparel applications, so PARCASSIO was developed as a strategic, high value-added product. Kuraray is aiming for increased usage of man-made leathers in a variety of fashion settings with this material that has superior texture and a natural appearance for apparel applications.

A new processing technique incorporating some of the processes used on natural leather was introduced in the production of PARCASSIO, in order to attain the same soft touch and texture as natural leather. Through this technique PARCASSIO combines both fullness and flexibility, giving it an optimal pliability and well-balanced elongating properties for apparel applications, allowing for eye-catching product silhouettes. By including an assortment of new base materials suited to this particular processing technique, Kuraray is able to offer a varied selection of materials with natural-looking wrinkles and creases.

Kuraray is marking its 40th year as a pioneer and leading manufacturer in the field of man-made leathers, having launched sales of CLARINO in 1965 and constantly studied natural leathers to deliver cutting-edge materials since that time. Kuraray will continue to bring further innovations in nonwoven fabric and processing technologies, and to develop exceptionally unique new materials for apparel and interior applications and shoes, bags and other goods for a pervasive presence in peoples' daily lives.

PARCASSIO for Apparel Applications

(1) Material

Suede-type man-made leather
Material tag: polyamide 60%, polyurethane 40%

(2) Characteristics

  • 1. Utilizes the same processing techniques as conventional natural leather
  • 2. Elegant natural appearance
  • 3. Lightweight (30% lighter than natural leather)
  • 4. Easy to care for

(3) Applications

Women's apparel jackets, blousons, skirts, pants and others
Men's apparel jackets, blousons, coats and others

(4) Targeted Season

Autumn / winter 2006

(5) Sales Price

¥3,000 / m (wholesale user price, consumption tax not included)

(6) Sales Volume Target

First year (2006) : 100,000m
Three years later : 300,000m