News Releases 2005

Organization Restructure (Kuraray Medical Inc.)

September 30, 2005
Kuraray Medical Inc.
(The Kuraray Group)

Kuraray Medical Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hideo Horii; hereafter Kuraray Medical), will restructure its organization effective on October 1, 2005. Brief details are as follows.

1. Objectives and Main Features of Restructure

Contact Lens Business Division

Kuraray Medical has decided to restructure its organization following the transfer of its Contact Lens Business Division to Facile Co., Ltd. Business transfer will initially encompass the sales and marketing function.

  • (1) The Contact Lens Business Division will be spun off. The Contact Lens Production and Development Department will fall under the umbrella of Kuraray Medical's Kurashiki Plant.

Dental Materials Business Division

Kuraray Medical has decided to restructure its activities in the Dental Materials Business Division in order to reinforce its technology support systems in line with the growing trend toward globalization, strengthen its information gathering capabilities to better address the market's general and development needs, and to accelerate the product development process. Kuraray Medical is also motivated to conduct a thorough review of its production technologies with the aim of curtailing costs and to increase earnings power. To this end, Kuraray Medical will implement the following organizational restructure.

  • (1) Establish the Planning and Development Department. Transfer the research and marketing functions and the pharmaceutical-related function previously managed by the Sales Department and the Planning and Operations Department, respectively, to the newly established Planning and Development Department. The Research and Marketing Group and the Pharmaceutical Development Group will also be placed under the control of the Planning and Development Department. As a part of this reorganization, the Planning and Operations Department will change its name to the Operations Department.
  • (2) The Sales Department will change its name to the Business Department and assume control of the Domestic Business Group and the Overseas Business Group.
  • (3) The Production and Development Department will be reorganized into separate Production and Development Departments. The Production and Technology Section as well as the Production Section will both fall within the control of the Production Department while the CR Group, Cement Group, and the Bond Group will fall within the Development Department.

2. Organization Chart

Organization Chart