News Releases 2005

Fuel Change for Okayama Plant Power Plant Boilers

July 21, 2005
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Kuraray Co., Ltd. has decided to convert the boilers (No. 8 and No. 9) in the electric power plant at its Okayama Plant from heavy oil to natural gas.

Although the emissions of these heavy-oil-fueled boilers are within the limits set by both the Air Pollution Control Law and Okayama City pollution control regulations, Kuraray decided to eliminate the unsightly trail of smoke emitted by their stacks.

Kuraray established a CSR Committee in 2003, and, guided by its corporate mission of "contributing to an improved natural environment and quality of life," is engaged in activities that will clarify the mission that a corporation should fulfill. The change of fuels at the Okayama Plant is one element in that effort, and the switch to clean and eco-friendly natural gas will not only eliminate the trail of smoke, but can also be seen as a global warming countermeasure.

In addition to the Okayama Plant, Kuraray is shifting to natural gas at its Nakajo Plant and biomass fuel at its Kurashiki Plant (Tamashima), and is engaged in other efforts to shift from coal and fuel oil to clean fuels such as refuse derived fuel (RDF) made from waste plastic. The Company plans to further expand its activities in this area.

Effects of the Shift to Natural Gas

  • Trail of smoke eliminated.
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 19,000 tons per year
  • SOX emissions reduced by 100 tons per year
  • NOX emissions reduced by 80 tons per year

Emissions Countermeasures at the Okayama Plant

May 2001
Wet electrostatic precipitator installed (Boiler No. 10)
June 2002
Wet electrostatic precipitator installed (Boilers No. 6 and No. 7)
February 2006 (scheduled)
Conversion to natural gas (Boiler No. 9)
February 2007 (scheduled)
Conversion to natural gas (Boiler No. 8)

Overview of This Project

Plan Manufacture natural gas burner, replace steam superheater, install feedwater heater
Construction period Work on boiler no. 9 will finish in December 2005, test operation will begin in January 2006, and full operation is scheduled to begin in February.
(Conversion of No. 8 is scheduled for a year after these dates.)
Total investment ¥1.0 billion