News Releases 2005

AMARETTA DK Man-Made Leather for Highly Impact-Absorbent Golf Gloves Developed
Dunlop's SRI Sports, Limited Launches XXIO GGG-2809 Brand

Feb 23, 2005
Kuraray Co., Ltd.


Kuraray has announced the development of a new man-made leather, AMARETTA DK, specifically for use in highly impact-absorbent golf gloves. Dunlop's SRI Sports, Limited (Headquarters: Kobe) will launch a new line of gloves, XXIO GGG-2809, made of this new material.
The launch of this glove coincides with the 30th anniversary of Dunlop's use of Kuraray's man-made leathers in its golf gloves.

AMARETTA DK is a next-generation man-made leather specifically for golf gloves, which incorporates the thirty years of technological expertise accumulated by Kuraray since it began producing CLARINO man-made leather for golf gloves in 1975. It was jointly developed by Kuraray and SRI Sports Ltd. using existing microfiber technology, together with a new, proprietary technology developed by Kuraray that involves compounding with a special, jellied elastomer. (A patent on the basic technology has been applied for.) The material is capable of absorbing impact, which will prevent the gloves from slipping on grips, offering golfers superior gripping power. In addition, this compounding process gives the material a structure that more closely resembles that of natural leather, which means a very realistic, leather-like feel. In addition, these gloves conform themselves to the shape of the hand with use. Of course, as with CLARINO, this material will not stretch out of shape or stiffen when exposed to rain or perspiration.

SRI Sports Ltd. has produced a very comfortable golf glove. Its natural fitting construction is thinner on the back of the hand than on the palm, a special shape-retaining cut is used for the thumb, and it is cut and stitched to conform to the shape of the hand. This results in what SRI Sports calls 3D Conforming Fit Construction.

1. Characteristics of the XXIO GGG-2809 golf glove

(1) Reduces impact to the hand
Use of the new, highly impact-absorbing material AMARETTA DK makes for a superior grip and maximum comfort. Reduction of impact to the hand allows smooth follow-through.
(2) Conforms to the shape of the hand
The natural fitting construction of this glove is thinner on the back of the hand than on the palm. It is cut and stitched to conform to the shape of the hand, giving it what SRI Sports calls 3D Conforming Fit Construction. These things make it the best-fitting golf glove ever developed.
(3) A special shape-retaining cut is used for the thumb
A specially devised shape-retaining cut is used for the thumb. This reduces twisting of the thumb during the swing and helps the thumb of the glove keep its shape, resulting in a solid grip.

2. Product information

(1) Specifications
Material Kuraray man-made leather AMARETTA DK
Sizes 21cm through 26cm (6 sizes)
Colors White or black
(2) Suggested retail price (tax included)
¥2,415 per pair
(3) Available
February 25, 2005

3. SRI Sports Limited

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