News Releases 2005

New Line of Ladies' Shoes Announced, Made of Kuraray's Luxury Man-Made Leather PARCASSIO
Joint Development and Marketing by Daimaru and Bath Corporation

Feb 22, 2005
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

The Daimaru, Inc. (Headquarters: Osaka) and shoe manufacturer Bath Corporation (Headquarters: Kobe) have jointly developed a line of ladies' shoes using Kuraray's luxury man-made leather PARCASSIO. Based on the concept, "Broken-in comfort, right out of the box," the two types of Bath Craft office shoes are perfect for job hunting and for starting that new job. They will go on sale March 5.
PARCASSIO is a new material that combines a luxurious feel with comfort and wearability deriving from its air and moisture permeability. It is the first man-made leather processed in the same way as traditional natural leather, which gives it the same feel and appearance as high-grade natural leather. PARCASSIO is 30% lighter than natural leather, has higher air and moisture permeability, and is much easier to care for. These properties make PARCASSIO far more comfortable and convenient than previous man-made leather.

"Bath Craft" office shoes

1. Characteristics

  • (1) 30% lighter than natural leather, gentle to the foot.
  • (2) Comfort is greatly enhanced by air and moisture permeability.
  • (3) Made of easy-care man-made leather.
  • (4) Gives the appearance of high-grade natural leather.

2. The products


(1) Types
(2) Color
(3) Heel height
(4) Sizes
22.0 through 24.5cm in 0.5 increments
(5) Suggested price
¥9,800 (¥10,290, including tax)

3. Bath Corporation

Headquarters Ota-cho 4-4-13, Suma-ku, Kobe 654-0024 Japan
Established September, 1969
Common stock ¥39 million
President Sei Ogawa
Number of employees 90