News Releases 2004

Unsetsu Perfect Men's Formal Wear 10th Anniversary Campaign

Feb 19, 2004
Haruyama Trading Co., Ltd.
Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd.
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the highly regarded Unsetsu Perfect men's formal wear, Haruyama Trading Co., Ltd., Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd., and Kuraray Co.,Ltd. will launch a 10th anniversary campaign beginning March 1.

The basic concept underlying the Unsetsu Perfect line is the development of highly polished formal wear that skillfully combines designer Unsetsu Furukawa's New York style and the functionality of polyester. Haruyama Trading seeks to energize the market through fresh ideas in men's formal wear materials and design, and the Kuraray Group is developing products that will challenge the predominance of wool in men's formal wear.

Through the leadership of Unsetsu Furukawa, direct ties were established between himself, the retail store chain of Haruyama Trading, and synthetics manufacturer Kuraray. This alliance is moving forward with the production of original fashions that reflect customer feedback.

The Unsetsu Perfect 10th anniversary campaign has the objectives of sparking new energy in the men's formal wear market, launching new products, and showing our gratitude to our customers.

Haruyama Trading, Kuraray Trading, and Kuraray remain committed to reading consumer preferences at the earliest possible moment, to decisive supply chain management that spans the range from development of materials through manufacturing and marketing, and to the growth of the men's formal wear market.

10th Anniversary Campaign

Date March 1, 2004 (Monday) - May 2 (Sunday)
Store 273 participating stores
  • (1)10th Anniversary Products
    Unsetsu Perfect single- and double-breasted formal suits will be introduced, as well as black suits for funerals, weddings, and other ceremonies.
  • (2) Buyers of Unsetsu Perfect suits will receive a free suit bag from participating stores.