Technology Development Center

For manufacturers to survive competitively, they must continue to develop high-quality product (performance and quality) and production technologies. In addition to traditional chemical plant technologies, precision molding and component technologies with short product life spans are increasing, and Kuraray's business thus requires rapid production technology development.

The Technology Development Center recognizes that its role and mission is to work on the development of new production technology and to develop engineers equipped with basic skills for the Kuraray Group. As action guidelines, it emphasizes work based on a "frontline focus" and "principles and rules" as well as "development efficiency." The Technology Development Center makes use of laboratory trials and simulation technology in an effort to achieve the following:

  • (1) New production process technology (create new businesses and new large-scale products)
  • (2) Development to improve and innovate existing production processes
  • (3) Develop production and technical engineers


[Technology Development Center]Chemical Process Technology Development Group ,Plastics and Compounds Technology Development Group

Business Introduction

Chemical Process Technology Development Group

Basic laboratory testing for the design of actual production plants

The Chemical Process Technology Development Group works on the development of new chemical production processes and production technologies that innovate existing processes.
Based on theories of chemical reaction, solid-state compounds and chemical engineering, tests are repeated (including basic tests in cooperation with the research lab), lab tests are carried out in the technical development center, and tests using massive equipment are run on actual machines at each facility in pursuit of the optimal production process.
In addition to experiments, simulations—also called the “third development method”—are leveraged to speed up and improve the accuracy of technical development.

Plastics and Compounds Technology Development Group

Manufacturing process development based on simulation technology

The Plastics and Compounds Technology Development Group, in cooperation with each business facility and research lab, and using simulations, designs and constructs processes for fluid and diluents analysis, phenomenon measurement, analysis, evaluation and new products.