Kurashiki Research Center

The Kurashiki Research Center and the Analytical Technology Center are set in the rolling hills near Kurashiki City, framed by pine forests. Both facilities are linear descendants of Kuraray's now-closed Central Research Laboratory, which had been founded in July 1968.

Both these facilities are heirs to the technological expertise Kuraray has developed in the course of beating the world to market with a commercially viable poval resin, commercializing KURALON, Japan's pioneer synthetic fiber, and developing industrial-use chemical derivatives using isoprene. Building on the base of synthetic polymer technology, organic synthesis technology, and fiberization technology accumulated in the course of these activities, and adding to this capabilities in new fields such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, these facilities conduct cutting-edge, highly original research and development in Kuraray's strategic domains.

Kurashiki Research Center

With a foundation in synthetic polymer technology and organic synthesis technology, R&D at the Kurashiki Research Center is focused on the development of new products and manufacturing techniques that give rise to new businesses suitable for Kuraray. The laboratories employ polymer-related technology such as catalyzed reactions, precision organic synthesis, and other synthesis technologies, polymerization and high-precision polymer processing.

There are four research and development groups within the laboratories: Electronic and Electrical Devices; Catalysts and Chemicals; Life and Living Sciences; and Composites and Man-Made Leathers.