Under Kuraray's Chief Technology Officer, who was newly appointed during fiscal 2007 and tasked with controlling development and technology functions, the Research and Development Division is promoting efficient and effective R&D on a Groupwide scale. By centrally controlling the Company's technology and management resources and selectively allocating R&D resources to critical projects, the division is accelerating "selection and concentration" efforts toward the creation of new businesses.

The division stringently adheres to its principle of creating new businesses in the selection of project themes while facilitating speedier new business creation through the proactive utilization of external resources.

Research and Development Division

Groupwide R&D led by the division involves Kurashiki Research Center, Tsukuba Research Center, and Kuraray Research & Technical Center USA. The division has put in place an R&D structure that incorporates the Company's marketing functions in order to stimulate new business creation, particularly in the fields of optical applications, electronics components and environmental solutions. At the same time, the division is vigorously searching out potential project themes and reinforcing Kuraray's core technologies. The Planning and Administration Department and the Intellectual Property Department are working to identify and develop next-generation project themes that require cross-divisional collaboration within the Kuraray Group.

[Research and Development Division]Planning and Administration Department,Market and Business Development Department,Intellectual Property Department,Kurashiki Research Center(Synthesis Research Laboratory,VA-related Polymers Research Laboratory,Analytical Technology and Solutions Laboratory,Battery Materials Research Laboratory),Tsukuba Research Center(Polymer Materials Research Laboratory,Polymer Processing Research Laboratory,Film and Sheet Project Team,Advanced Optical Materials R&D Group),E&E Materials Business Department(Kurashiki Plant Functional Products Development Depatment,Saijo Plant E&E Production and Development Department),Molding Component Business Department(Kashima Plant Molding Component Production and Development Department),Open Innovation Promotion Department


Technology Division

The development of production techniques is indispensable to the provision of unique and worthwhile products worldwide. For this reason, development activities are being promoted throughout the Kuraray Group, conducted at the Technology Development Center working in coordination with various laboratory and plant facilities.

[Technology Division]Technology Planning and Administration Department,Global Technology Management Department,Technology and Maintenance Management Department(Technology and Maintenance Group,Engineering Group),Utility Management Department,Technology Development Center(Chemical Process Technology Development Group ,Plastics and Compounds Technology Development Group)