Industry Awards

2014 Plastic Scintillation Fiber contributed to discovery of the Higgs boson*3
2013 Development and Commercialization of Heat-Resistant Polyamide 9T GENESTAR*2
2010 Environment-Friendly, Organic Solvent-Free CLARINO Man-Made Leather Commercialization*3
2004 Catalysts for Nonanediamine Production Processes developed and commercialized, Catalysis Society of Japan/Technology Award
1999 KURALON K-Ⅱ, a new PVA fiber, developed and commercialized*3
1997 Disperse-dyeable rayon thread developed*3
1994 Water-soluble polymer-isocyanate adhesive developed*1
1991 New manufacturing method for n-octanol and glycols using a precious-metal complex catalyst developed*1
1987 DEFORL developed*3
1987 Pathogen adsorption therapy for myasthenia gravis developed*4
1984 Dialysis machine using hollow-fiber membrane developed*1
1983 Dental filling material using adhesive polymer developed and commercialized*2
1981 Ultra microcrater fiber developed*3
1981 Terpene manufacturing method using isoprene as a raw material developed and commercialized*1
1975 EVAL gas-barrier resin developed and commercialized*2
1973 CLARINO man-made leather developed and commercialized*2
1972 Man-made leather manufacturing technology developed*1
1951 Vinylon industrial manufacturing technology developed*1
  • *1. The Chemical Society of Japan, Chemical Technology Award
  • *2. The Award of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan
  • *3. The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan, Technology Award
  • *4. Japan Society for Artificial Organs, President's Award