R&D and Development of Production Technology

Creative Technology Development
R&D in the Kuraray Group

[Kuraray]New energy-related businesses, Environmentally friendly materials businesses, Aqua businesses→[Global-scale challenges]Finite natural resources, Shortages of food and water, Global warming, Environmental pollution

From a base of polymer and synthetic chemistry, the Kuraray Group has built a unique and advanced system of technologies by fusing related technologies and expertise. We bring together the group's knowledge and people, leading our efforts in the materials field, as well as our commitment to offer new things that are demanded by the market, in partnership with external institutions.

Today we face a number of global-scale challenges, including global warming, finite natural resources, shortages of food and water, and environmental pollution. At the Kuraray Group, we are committed to continued growth through the creation and expansion of new businesses that offer effective solutions to these challenges through our unique technologies.

The Kuraray Group's R&D Organization

[R&D]Kurashiki Research Center:Project teams (Synthesis Research Laboratory, VA-related Polymers Research Laboratory, Analytical Technology and Solutions Laboratory, Battery Materials Research Laboratory) Tsukuba Research Center:Project teams (Polymer Materials Research Laboratory, Polymer Processing Research Laboratory, Film and Sheet Project Team, Advanced Optical Materials R&D Group) Kuraray Research and Technical Center USA R&D departments of each business division / affilliate company Project teams (Intellectual Property Department) [Development of Production Technology]Technology Development Center:Project teams (Chemical Process Technology Development Group, Plastics and Compounds Technology Development Group) Technology and Maintenance Management Department:Project teams (Technology and Maintenance Group, Engineering Group) Technology and maintenance departments of each manufacturing plant Production and technology development departments of each business division