Dividend Payment

1. Shareholder register closing for dividends

1) Year-end dividend
Year-end dividend paid based on resolution of general meeting of shareholders
2) Interim dividend
Interim dividend paid based on resolution of board meeting

2. Payment date

Fiscal year ended December 31, 2017
  Dividend per share (Yen) Payment date
Interim dividend 20.0 September 1, 2017
Year-end dividend 22.0 (forecast) March 26, 2018 (forecast)

If a dividend has not been paid a full 3 years (statute of limitation) from the dividend payment date, such dividend cannot be paid according to Kuraray's Articles of Incorporation; therefore, please obtain your dividend as early as possible. To receive your dividend, Kuraray recommends payment by transfer to a shareholder-designated bank account.

3. About dividend of December, 2017 period

Please refer to following page