CSR Activities at Kuraray Group

Process Used by the Kuraray Group for Creating Social Value

Basic Approach to CSR

As a corporate group engaged in manufacturing, Kuraray Group creates economic and social value through providing its excellent products and services to the market.

We in the Kuraray Group believe that the most fundamental responsibility as a group of enterprises is to make a positive contribution to solve social issues such as resource saving, energy saving, environmental conservation and improvement of quality of life through businesses utilizing the unique technologies of Kuraray. These business activities are based on the foundations, namely, “compliance,” “safety” and “risk management.” In the course of these business activities Quality management for manufacturing sustains the process of value creation.

On the other hand, all company activities are supported by dialogues with stakeholders (shareholders and investors, customers and consumers, local communities, central and local governments, NPOs). The employees, suppliers, and partners, who participate directly in business activities themselves, are also Important stakeholders.

Kuraray is committed to propelling CSR through its business activities by further deepening dialog and cooperation further with its stakeholders.

Responsible consideration given to our stakeholders

Kuraray Group is engaged in the business of providing its products and services by adding higher value to resources received from society. The responsibility that needs to be fulfilled as a manufacturer is to give maximum consideration not only to impacts on our stakeholders related to the entire material cycle ranging from the activities in which the Group is directly involved, namely, procurement, development, production, selling, and shipping, but also to processing, consumption, waste disposal, and recycling after selling and shipping products to the customers. On the other hand, the Group believes that it is also an important responsibility to invest funds received from our shareholders and investors for business operation, to distribute the results earned in such investment, to reinvest the funds in equipment and research and development for sustainable growth and to appropriately return such earnings to employees, social contribution activities, and other purposes.

Stakeholder Communication
Stakeholder Communication
Shareholders and Investors General meetings of shareholders, plant tours, meetings to explain settlement of accounts
Suppliers and Partners Purchasing activities, safety councils, liaison meetings, etc.
Employees Employee awareness surveys, labor-management meetings, personnel evaluation interviews
Local Communities Responsible Care Regional Dialogue, Meetings with local residents’ associations for exchange of views, Plant tours, chemistry classes for boys and girls, Cherry blossom viewing parties, summer festivals and other events
Central and Local Governments, NPOs and NGOs Plant tours, firefighting drills, volunteer activities
Customers and Consumers Sales and marketing activities, trade fairs (Eco- Products Fair and other fairs), questionnaires

Involvement with Stakeholders Concept of CSR

Growth strategy Solving Social Problems

Value Chain

Value Chain