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[Special Feature 4] ~ Sincerely Responding to Feelings of Children Volunteers, School Backpacks Cross the Sea Again ~ The “Sending School Backpacks Across the Sea”Campaign Is Carried out for Children in Areas WhereCommodities Are in Dire Need

Backpacks Full of Joyful Memoriesand Best Wishes Start Walking Their Second Life.

(Photo through courtesy of JOICFP)

FY Number of Backpacks
Cumulative total 97,390
2004 8,514
2005 12,076
2006 5,504
2007 6,894
2008 7,022
2009 7,522
2010 8,973
2011 11,144
2012 8,326
2013 6,396
2014 7,908
2015 7,111

"Sending School Backpacks Across the Sea” is an international contribution activity in which elementary school children in Japan send used school backpacks to children in Afghanistan and other areas, who are deprived of education opportunity by war. The backpacks are donated every year together filled with stationery and letters.
Up to now, these backpacks have been sent to Afghanistan, Mongolia and Nepal.
On the 12th anniversary of the campaign that was launched in 2004, 7,111 school backpacks were donated in Fiscal 2015 from various parts of Japan. In cooperation with JOICFP, a public interest incorporated foundation, the school backpacks were sorted and packed by volunteer groups and the employees of Kuraray Group. From October to December the school backpacks were sent to 11 elementary schools in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, as presents along with school supplies. Many volunteers cooperated in shipping them via oceans. So far, a total of 97,390 school backpacks have been sent as presents. Kuraray wishes to expand this contribution activity to other countries in the future.

(Photo through courtesy of JOICFP)

(Photo through courtesy of JOICFP)

「Recalling the Smiles of the Children」
Junko Ito, H.R Department, General Affairs and H.R Division, Kuraray Co.,Ltd.

This is the 5th time for me to participate in this event. I once saw a visual record of the children of Afghanistan receiving the backpacks, and their smiles left me a strong impression. I hope to continue this work, and send even more smiles to the children.