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[Special Feature 3] ~ Career Support ~ Toward creating an organizationin which each employee actively tacklescareer building and works energetically full of life

Mechanism to Support Autonomous Career Development

Beginning Fiscal 2015, the domestic Kuraray group has inaugurated a “mechanism to support autonomous career development,” aiming at creating organizations in which each employee actively tackles his or her career development and engages with work enthusiastically.
The mechanism roughly consists of “training for designing employee career by self” and a “career advisor system.” The training is provided to employees of three age brackets and career visions are envisioned reflecting a stage for each age bracket and a set of values of each employee. As one feature of this mechanism, interviews by superiors of the employees and by career advisors are planned before and after the training and people around the employees support them to realize their career visions.

After participating in training: Masakazu Oshima (Technology and Maintenance Dept., Okayama Plant)

The training was started by recalling our past. We looked hard at our sets of values and human relations at present and thought how we should live in the future after setting objectives. I experienced something that I do not want to recall now, but I now feel a sense of accomplishment with my present job and life after squarely facing and defining my future objectives in those two days of training free from routine work.
I believe that my thoughts gained during the training and interviews will be indispensable to my future career. I am grateful to the career advisors, superiors and those involved in the training for listening to my story with compassion.