Safety Activities

[Special Feature 1] ~Proactive Activities for Building up Secure and Safe Workplace~ Specific Safety Activity at each plant

Individual plant is proactively devising and undertaking various safety activities to build up secure and safe workplaces.

[Challenge 100% Activity] Okayama Plant

The Okayama Plant is aiming at 100% practicing KY (Kiken Yochi - hazardous prediction) and checking the procedure by pointing & call activity before starting operation.

KY (Kiken Yochi - hazardous prediction)
before starting operation

Pointing & call

[Risk Reduction, Education and Training of Human Resources] Kashima Plant

The Kashima Plant was awarded the 39th Safety Grand Prix of the Japan Chemical Industry Association.

[Safety Experience Class] Okayama and Niigata Plants

Various types of “hazards” can be artificially experienced.

Hands-on experience of being drawn into rollers

Hands-on experience of being suspended with a safety belt

Hands-on experience of electric shock

[2000 Days of Zero Accidents Accomplished] KEG-Moravia (Czech Republic)

[Safety Patrol with Ringing Bell] KP Ibuki Plant, KFS Maruoka Plant

Safety patrol of workplaces is ongoing while ringing a bell.

[Plant Safety Event] Saijo Plant

Calling to ensure the rule of strictly prohibited to start operation without consideration

Presentation for safety activities of small groups

[Safety Activity Poster] KAI-LaPorte(U.S.)

[Lectures by Disaster Prevention Experts] Niigata Plant, KC Tsurumi Plant

[Team Morning Meeting] Kurashiki Plant

Active morning meetings are held to attentively observe and listen to other persons.

[KYT Event] Okayama Plant, Saijo Plant, and other Plants

KYT (Hazardous Prediction Training) events are held at individual plant.