Social Report

Approaches in the Workplace

Through the Kuraray Group Global Human Resources (HR) Policy, K uraray Group is making efforts to develop its organizational system regarding the promotion of diversity, fos tering of human resources, and fair and just evaluation of performances, as well as establishing a healthy corporate cultu re and creating new employment opportunities, so that each employee can work in a way which leads to personal growth throu gh the fulfillment of his or her duties.

Sociality Goals and Actual Performance
Theme Goal Event and Result Evaluation and Challenges Fiscal 2016 Plan
Implementing Personnel Policy Allowing Employees to Feel Work is WorthAccomplishing Provisioning of growth opportunities to the employees
  • A training program has been started allowing the employees to actively participate in their own career development. (Please see the highlights on page 22)
  • Started in Fiscal 2015 and evaluation is yet to be made. It is expected that more growth opportunities will be provided to the employees.
  • Fixation of this system is a challenge.
  • Fixation of “Mechanism to Support Autonomous Career Development”
  • A mentor program to assign mentors to new managerial workers has been continued and briefing sessions for mentor candidates have been held to spread the objective of the program.
  • Fixation of this system is a challenge.
  • A further brush-up of the mentor program studied
  • GTT was undertaken, participated by seven overseas Group companies (Please see page 24).
  • More Group employees and countries from abroad are participating. How to keep and increase the number of participating countries is a challenge
  • Continued implementation of the GTT program
Promotion of Diversity and Work-Life Balance Promotion of active participation by female employees
  • Newly started a scheme through which the employees are given temporary leave, allowing them to accompany their spouse when their spouse is assigned to overseas posts
  • Newly started a flex time scheme allowing the employees to work at flexible times while rearing a child
  • More thorough guidance is provided to the employees before and after taking leave when the employees take a leave for child rearing.
  • The mechanism to support career development while achieving both household chores and work is not adequate.
  • Started an activity to further promote active participation by female employees (Training for awareness raising for managerial staff and female employees is planned)
Refined working style
  • Started a movement of “Refining working style”. The information is used by the employees in their routine work.
  • The challenge will be to propose and implement tangible actions to refine working style.
  • Expansion of a working system tailored to diverse ways of working
Minimizing unused annual paid vacations
  • Achieved 80% use of annual paid vacation on average(Please see page 25).
  • The challenge will be to further raise the rate of annual paid vacations and to maintain the rate of 80%.
  • A study of specific measures to promote acquisition
Reinforcement and Promotion of Schemes for Management of HealthyMind and Body Continuation and beefing up of mental support measures
  • Line-care training and self-care training was continuously provided.
    Number of Trainees: 899 persons at 6 plants.
  • Could be implemented roughly as planned.
    Continuation of measures is a challenge.
  • Training programs continuously provided.
  • Stress check to be made.
Continuation and beefing up of countermeasures for lifestyle-related diseases
  • Health improvement campaign : Sponsored health improvement events.
  • No-smoking campaign : Sponsored no-smoking seminar.
  • Continuation of measures is a challenge.
  • Continuation of health improvement campaign.
  • Implementation of no-smoking campaign.

Basic Approach to Human Resources

Policy for Global Talents

The basic approach of the Kuraray Group toward human resources is incorporated entirely in the Kuraray Group Global Human Resource Policy.

Trends in the Number of Employees

Trends in Number of Employees by Region

The Kuraray Group Global HR Policy
  1. We will respect the human rights of individuals.
  2. We will abolish discrimination and respect diversity and individuality.
  3. We will carry out our HR activities in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  4. We will create HR systems that uphold equality, fairness and transparency.
  5. We will strive to improve the environment of workplaces.
  6. We will strive to employ personnel who are able to contribute to the development of the Kuraray Group.
  7. We will place the right person in the right job.
  8. We will implement evaluation and benefits systems that are fairly satisfactory.
  9. We will support professional development.
  10. We will strive to promote communication and disclosure information as appropriate.
Number of Employees  As of December 31, 2015
  Total Male Female
Kuraray Group as a whole 8,405 7,006 1,399
Kuraray only 3,327 2,988 339
  • *Group = consolidated subsidiaries
Employee Turnover Rate  FY2015
  Number of those leaving employment Turnover rate
Personal reasons 36 1.1%
Retirement 76 2.3%
  • *Turnover rate = Number of those leaving employment by cause/Number of Kuraray’s employees at the beginning of the fiscal period

Approach to Human Resource Development

For the domestic Kuraray Group companies, we have established a companywide training scheme to support acquisition of the knowledge and skills required for jobs and career-building efforts by employees themselves.
The training is open not only to regular employees but also parttime and contract-based ones, as necessary. In addition, Kuraray plants and domestic group companies plan and implement their own training programs and provide their employees with finely tuned support for skill development and career-building. Kuraray also has an incentive system under which it furnishes grants for acquisition of certain public qualifications by employees for their own selfimprovement.

Companywide Training Programs at Kuraray

【Global Talent Development Program】

Training is provided at each level of the organization to foster personnel who can actively play a part on the global stage to further accelerate global growth of the Kuraray Group.
In Fiscal 2015, group training (AGM and GTT) was provided to the department manager and section manager classes. Short-term Trainee Program was provided to staff level employees. The number of participants was more than 50 from domestic and overseas Kuraray sites.
In Fiscal 2016, the training programs that were provided in Fiscal 2015 will be refined, and EMT will be provided to executives.

Global Talent Development Program

A Fair, Impartial, and Transparent HR System

HR System

Kuraray has instituted a personnel system in which elements such as improvement of job execution capabilities, performance, roles, and spirit to challenge demanding targets (as opposed to seniority and personal factors) are reflected in remuneration.
Specifically, we instituted a scheme of role ranks for management positions, under which remuneration slides with the role and performance, and one of skill qualifications for ordinary employees, under which remuneration reflects the extent of skills and performance. Wages and bonuses are determined on the basis of these schemes. We have also incorporated a scheme whereby personnel can change education courses to suit their desired career paths. In fiscal 2016, a review of wages, allowances, bonuses and work systems will be continued to further enhance an understanding of the employee treatment system.


Personnel are evaluated based on management by objectives, in which goals for job duties and competence development are set after consultation between superiors and subordinates, and actual performances of individual employees are evaluated. Assessor training is continuously provided also.