Kuraray CSR Report 2016

Kuraray was founded in 1926 to pursue business in rayon. In 1950, Kuraray became the first firm in the world to succeed in the commercial manufacture of KURALON (PVA fiber). Ever since, we have been continuously striving to develop and commercialize products useful to society in the field of high-performance resins and chemicals, beginning with Poval, EVAL, and Isoprene, based on our distinctive polymerization and synthesis technology.
However, our founder, Magosaburo Ohara, and his successor, Soichiro Ohara, focused not solely on the expansion of the business, but also founded and assisted with the operation of social enterprises such as Ohara Museum of Art, Kurashiki Central Hospital, Ishii Memorial Aizen-en and the Institute for Science of Labour. These institutes and organizations continue to contribute to society even today. Kuraray continues to provide cooperation and support to these enterprises and additionally tackles social problems through activities within its own field of activity such as "Chemistry Classes for Boys and Girls," the Kuraray Workshop for people with mental disabilities and "Sending School Bags across the Sea."

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