1970 Company name changed to Kuraray Co., Ltd.
Established Hong Kong representative office (office functions transferred to Kuraray Hong Kong Co., Ltd. in 1998).

Kuraray-Chicopee Co., Ltd.

Jointly established the non-woven-fabric manufacturing firm Kuraray-Chicopee Co., Ltd. (absorbed into Kuraray in 1987) together with Johnson & Johnson of the U.S.


Isoprene rubber plant

Commercialized contact lenses:
Established Kuraray-Hydron Medical Co., Ltd. (absorbed into Kuraray in 1987) jointly with Hydron Pacific, Ltd. of the U.S.
Commercialized EVOH resin EVAL:
Started production of EVAL resin (Okayama) and EVAL film (Kurashiki: transferred to Okayama in 1985).
Commercialized non-woven fabrics:
Kuraray-Chicopee commenced production of dry-laid non-woven fabric KURAFLEX (Okayama).
Commercialized isoprene chemicals:
Started production of polyisoprene rubber at the Kashima Plant.

1973 Exported ethylene method vinyl acetate and poval manufacturing plant to the PRC.
1974 Exported natural gas method poval manufacturing plant to the PRC.
Commercialized wet-laid vinylon filament (Okayama).
1975 President Tsugio Okabayashi took office.
1976 Commercialized artificial organs:
Began sales of KC series artificial kidneys.
Commercialized new isoprene chemicals (NICs) (Nakajo).
Commercialized hollow-fiber industrial filter membranes made of poval.
1977 Established Kuraray Engineering Co., Ltd.


Commercialized dental materials:
Commenced sales of adhesive dental filler CLEARFIL.
Established Nihonkai Acetylene Co., Ltd.
Exported man-made leather plant to the PRC.
Commercialized artificial kidneys using EVAL hollow-fiber membrane.