1926 Kurashiki Kenshoku Co. Ltd. established (President, Magosaburo Ohara).
1928 Commercialized rayon filament:
Production of rayon filament began at the Kurashiki Plant.
1933 Production of rayon filament began at the Niihama Plant (In 1942, operations were halted. In 1943, it was transferred to Dai Nippon Breweries, Co. Ltd.).
Listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges.
1936 Production of rayon filament began at the Saijo Plant and Okayama Plant.
1937 Commercialization rayon staple (Saijo).
1938 Rayon manufacturing capacity hit its prewar peak.

Ground-breaking ceremony of Kurashiki Plant

President Soichiro Ohara took office.
Professor Sakurada's research group at Kyoto Imperial University developed polyvinyl alcohol fiber.


1940 Equipment installed for test manufacturing of polyvinyl alcohol and PVA fiber (Okayama).
Chugoku Sangyo Co., Ltd. established.
1943 Capital participation in Kakuichi Rubber Co., Ltd. (now Kuraray Plastics Co., Ltd.).
Company name changed to Kurashiki Koku Kiko Co., Ltd.
With the exception of the Saijo Plant, manufactured plywood and wooden airplanes until the war's end.
1945 With the war's end, terminated military production.
Company name reverted to Kurashiki Kenshoku Co., Ltd.
1948 Resumed rayon filament manufacturing (Kurashiki: halted in 1987, Saijo: halted in 1995).

Rayon Production process

Resumed production of rayon staple (Saijo: halted in 1975).
Company name changed to Kurashiki Rayon Co., Ltd.
Named a core vinylon manufacturing company by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in connection with their initiative to rapidly establish a synthetic fibers and textiles industry.
Re-listed on stock exchanges with their reopening.



An exhibition and spot sale for vinylon

Industrialized poval resin:
Commenced production of poval at the Toyama Plant as a raw material for vinylon manufacturing (closed in 1978).
Commercialized vinylon staple fiber (Okayama).

1951 Acquired Ozaki Plant through merger with Japan Spinning and Weaving (closed in 1976).
1955 Established Korenori Hoso Zairyo (now Kuraray Living Co., Ltd.) jointly with Korenori Unyu Soko Co., Ltd.
1956 Established Tamashima Rayon Co., Ltd. (absorbed into Kuraray in 1964) jointly with Chuo Fiber.
Production of rayon filament began at the Tamashima Plant (halted in 2001).
1958 Ported poval manufacturing technology to the Air Reduction Company, Inc. of the U.S.
Commercialized poval resin:
Production of poval resin began (Toyama: halted in 1978).
1959 Commercialized methacrylic resin:
Kyowa Gas Chemical Co., Ltd. commenced production of methacrylic resin.