Environmental Business Development and Promotion Division


The Environmental Business Development and Promotion Division supplies and makes proposals regarding industrial membranes-microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF) and wide-bore, hollow-fiber membrane modules-as well as the systems and equipment that use these technologies to a wide variety of private- and public-sector industries in areas including IT, pharmaceuticals, food production, brewing and water purification. In addition, the Division contributes to the reduction of environmental burden by offering its new wastewater treatment system, which features the action of advanced microorganisms to break down organic material based on the use of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) gel. Kuraray received the Minister's Award from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at the 18th Grand Prize for the Global Environment Award Event, held in fiscal 2009, in recognition of the development of this highly rated wastewater treatment system.

Challenges and Policies

The Environmental Business Development and Promotion Division is contributing to the transformation from a mass production/consumer-based society to a recycling society. This is being accomplished by providing technologies in such areas as ultrapure water production/collection, industrial wastewater treatment/collection (wastewater treatment that reduces environmental burden), collection of silicon, rare metals and other valuable resources, water purification and seawater treatment. The Division is supplying environment-related materials and the equipment and plants that use them to numerous private- and public-sector industries. At the same time, it is aiming to expand its environment-related businesses by creating new technologies and products as well as by developing global markets.

Core Products

Main Brands
  • MF/UF membrane modules
  • CHARACTER MF/UF membrane modules
  • Large-Pore Filter Membrane
  • PVA gel, Trap and carry microorganisms
  • Wastewater treatment system
  • MICROFADE New ballast water management system